Welcome to the Home of Financial Empowerment for Women

I help women unlock the power of wealth creation by becoming financially active regardless of their current net worth or life stage.

Syama's Guide to Getting Rich

No matter your current wealth status, these tips will help you become more financially active and set you on the path to greater financial freedom.

my mission

I’m here to help equip women with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to achieve financial independence and create wealth on their own terms.

The podcast

Getting Rich Together is a podcast empowering women to create wealth featuring the stories of women who have done it.

Women are slated to inherit $30 trillion + in wealth by 2030 — that’s a lot of financial power. But unfortunately, financial literacy for women hasn’t yet caught up with the times.

It’s time to change that.

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Syama Bunten delivers a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the stage. Through her captivating storytelling and actionable advice, she inspires audiences to seize control of their financial futures, navigate the intricacies of wealth creation, and foster a mindset of abundance.

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Welcome. I’m Syama.

I understand the power of financial freedom firsthand.

My fascination with the intersection of money and power stems from personal experience and a drive to craft my own financial security. As my business flourished, learning about investing became a passion, born from the realization that inheritance wasn’t in my future. I delved into classes and sought insights from others to navigate this unfamiliar terrain.

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